2018   Montréal, Québec and Edmonton, Alberta

          Innovations in Fibres and Filaments and Textiles & Flexible Materials for Infrastructure Renewal 

2017   Montréal, Québec and Edmonton, Alberta

           Innovations in Personal Protective Equipment

2016   Hamilton, Ontario

           Textile Solutions for Tomorrow’s Transportation and Energy

2015   St-Hyacinthe, Québec

          Open Innovation and Interdisciplinary Collaboration

2014  Montréal, Québec - Development of Textile Standards

          Banff, Alberta - Research in Textiles for the Oil and Gas Industries

2013   Ottawa, Ontario - Innovation and R&D Opportunities

           St-Hyacinthe, Québec - The Environment


2012   Gatineau, Québec

           Surface Treatment of Modification Development of New Fibres, Including Natural Fibres

2010   St-Hyacinthe, Québec

           New Generation of Textiles - From Fibres to Recycling

2009   Winnipeg, Manitoba - Rewards and Challenges in Textiles and Research

           Gatineau, Québec - We’ve Come a Long Way – Textile Research in Canada in the 21stCentury

2008   Edmonton, Alberta - Textiles - A Subject of Interest in Universities

          Ottawa, Ontario - Outdoor and In-Use Durability of Textiles and Textile Coatings

2007   Kingston, Ontario - Ageing of Textiles and Polymeric Materials

2006   Mississauga, Ontario - Emerging Textile Innovations

2005   Kingston, Ontario - Coated and Laminated Textiles

2004   Mississauga, Ontario - Cutting Edge Technical Textiles

          Ottawa, Ontario - High Performance Textiles

2003   Kingston, Ontario - From Silk to High Tech

          Mississauga, Ontario - Fibres and Beyond

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