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Board of Directors


2023 Board of Directors

Martin 2022
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Jemma 2023

Patricia Dolez, P.Eng, Ph.D. - President

Associate Professor, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta


Expertise : protective clothing, aging of material, nanotechnologies, smart materials and natural fibers.  

Sogol Asghari, M.Sc. - Vice President 

Senior Product Development Specialist, PRIMED Medical Products Inc., Edmonton, Alberta & Greater Toronto Area, Ontario.

Expertise : Product development in the medical field, face mask, bacterial cell culture, technical textiles, nonwovens.




Martin Forest, M.Env, Chemist - Treasurer

Continuous Improvement Coordinator, FilSpec Inc., Sherbrooke, Québec 

Expertise : Yarn spinning, continuous improvement, information systems, product development, quality control, chemistry, microbiology.



Harishkumar Narayana, Ph.D - Secretary

Mitacs Elevate Scholar, Department of Materials Engineering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Textile Engineering Lead, Texavie Technologies Incorporation, Vancouver, B.C.


Expertise: Smart wearable electronic textiles (e-textiles) for AR & VR; Energy harvesting textiles (Solar & Mechanical); Smart memory polymers (fibre to fabrics); Medical & functional textiles; Work experience in apparel manufacturing; Intensive knowledge in Textile fundamentals from fibre to fabrics.


Mazeyar Parvinzadeh Gashti, Ph.D. - Director 

Research Scientist, GTI Chemical Solutions and Services, Greenville, South Carolina, United States

Expertise : Electrospinning for nanofiber production, functional finishing on textiles, flame retardants, fiber extrusion.



Laura Munevar - Director 

Interdisciplinary PhD candidate, Chemical and Materials Engineering and Textile Science, University of Alberta


Expertise : Protective clothing, aging of textiles, electrospinning for nanofiber production, materials characterization, and sustainability.

Josephine Bolaji - Membership Secretary

Multidisciplinary PhD candidate, Textile research, University of Alberta


Expertise : Textile Science and Technology, Supply chain logistics and management, Sustainability, product development.




Md. Saiful Hoque - Director

PhD Candidate, Textile and Apparel Science, University of Alberta


Expertise: High-performance fibers, Protective textiles, Materials characterizations, Predictive modeling, Textile engineering, Research and development, Sustainability



Jemma Forgie - Observer

M.Sc Student, Textiles and Clothing, University of Alberta

Expertise: Protective clothing, Electrospinning for nanofiber production, Sustainability

Photo credit : John Ulan

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