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Welcome to the ITS Symposium Section

Welcome to the ITS Symposium page! Here, you can find all the information you need about one of the core activities of the Institute of Textile Science: Symposium. With 67 symposiums already under our belt, we're excited to continue organizing more in the future. Browse this page to learn more about this annual event.

Our Features

Promoting scientific collaboration, encourage knowledge sharing, and stimulate research and development


Different Themes

Each year, we organize the event with different themes that are selected based on various factors. These include the results of surveys from previous symposiums, current research topics that are of academic and industry interest, and the preferences of ITS members. We strive to ensure that the themes are relevant and engaging for all attendees. Interested to know about themes of Symposia/Scientific Sessions? Click here


Student Research Corner

Our student research corner is the perfect place for students to showcase their work. We invite students for oral and poster presentations, and our scientific review process ensures that only the best abstracts are selected for the symposium. Click here to know about  the program details of our last symposium.


Acadmia and Inustry Blend

Our symposium aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry inviting distinguished speakers from both fields for each theme. We believe that this balance will help to foster a better understanding of the research happening in both industries and lead to fruitful collaborations. Click here to browse some memories from our previous symposia.


Experienced Oranizing Committee

The ITS Symposium organizing committee is composed of experienced individuals from both academia and industry. Their combined expertise in organizing scientific symposiums ensures a successful and informative event. To learn more about the committee members, please click on the link.

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