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2024 Symposium

Five technical themes:

  • Advanced dyes and pigments

  • Military and space textiles

  • Fire protective fabrics

  • Smart textiles in health care

  • Innovation in textiles & apparel sustainability

Panel discussion: Challenges and Strategies for the Textile Supply Chain

2021 Symposium

Four themes:

  • Rapid Innovation-2020

  • Smart Textiles

  • PPE for COVID-19 Frontline Workers

Textile Finishing/Functional Clothing

2018 Symposium

Two themes:

  • Innovations in Fibres and Filaments

  • Textiles and Flexible Materials for Infrastructure Renewal

2023 Symposium

Five technical themes:

  • Technical textiles in composite materials

  • PPE-medical

  • Sportswear

  • Smart/e-textiles

  • Recycling/sustainable textiles.

Two panel discussions: challenges and opportunities for the textile business/industry related to basic textile education and regulatory compliance

2020 Symposium

Three themes

  • Quality methods & IT influences

  • Sustainability in textiles

  • Medical textiles

Student research corner

2017 Symposium

One theme:

  • Innovations in Personal Protective Equipment

2022 Symposium

Five technical themes:

•   Nonwovens and their technical applications

•   Technical textiles for geotechnical engineering applications

•   Energy-harvesting textiles and flexible materials

•   Next Generation of PPE/PPE innovation

•   Textile sustainability and Recycling

Panel discussion: Human Resources in the Textile Industry

2019 Symposium

One theme:

  • Comfort in Textile Products – Relevance and Measurement

2003-2018 Symposium

Please click on the document below to get the list of themes of the ITS Symposium that happened between 2003 and 2016

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