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Institute of
Textile Science


The Institute's mission is to promote scientific collaboration, encourage knowledge sharing, and stimulate research and development in Canadian sectors involved in textiles, textile-based and related material science.

Our Activities

At the Institute of Textile Science (ITS), Canada, we believe in keeping our community engaged and active throughout the year. From arranging webinars to yearly symposium, we organize a variety of activities that cater to the interest of our community members. Join us and be a part of the fun!


ITS Symposium

The ITS Symposium is an annual event that brings speakers from both academia and industry. Our goal is to strike a balance between showcasing the latest research happening in academia and exploring how it's changing the industry. Click here to know more about the ITS Symposium

Online work meeting


ITS Webinar is an online platform that is dedicated to sharing knowledge with the scientific and industry communities. We carefully select our webinar topics to ensure that they meet the needs of our audience. To learn more about the ITS Webinar, please click here.



In the ITS Newsletter, We share with you the latest updates on ITS activities, as well as information about events happening around the world that are relevant to our community. Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates! More information can be found here.

Forrest Sloan,

Manager, International Marketing, Kuraray America, Inc.,USA

"The ITS is a wonderfully close-knit community of textile-focused scientists and engineers.  The contacts, knowledge, and organizational experience gained from my ongoing interactions with the ITS have expanded my professional horizons immeasurably."

Sébastien Couture,

Vice-President, Innovation,

Filspec, Canada

“My ITS membership has allowed me to expand my network of contacts in the industry and my knowledge through the scientific conferences and workshops the Institute organize each year."

Dan King,

Vice President, Production, Research & Development,

Davey Textile Solutions Inc., Canada

“The Institute of Textile Science is an exceptional group, bridging academia and industry seamlessly. Their commitment to advancing textile science is commendable”

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