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ITS Symposium 2023
(March 7 and 8)

Annual General Meeting



The Institute of Textile Science (ITS) invites students to present their research and development work in textiles, textile-based and related material science. Students can choose to participate in an oral or poster presentation. It is open to current or recently graduated (2022) College and University (Bachelor, Masters, Ph.D.) students and current postdoctoral fellows. This year the 2023 Symposium will be hosted in person in Edmonton and Montreal, and virtually.


  • Free registration to the 2023 Symposium.

  • Certificate of recognition.

  • Valuable presenting experience.

  • Networking opportunities and visibility in the industry.


Information to be provided (Word document): Contact information of primary presenter, institution, level of degree, and discipline; presentation title, list of authors, and 150-word maximum summary; specify the presentation preference (oral, poster, or either). Please submit it to

Submission deadline January 30, 2023 @ 6 pm EST

*Posters presentations will be in person either in Montreal or Edmonton.

*Preference will be given to students who did not present at the 2022 Symposium.

*Communications not selected for oral presentation will have the option of poster presentation.

Come and enjoy this unique opportunity to meet people in the textile industry and present your work!

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